Individual Tutorials consist of one day of

  • half-day direct instruction in techniques for ink/watercolor urban sketches, or principles of representational oil painting
  • half-day plein air, or studio painting from life.

The tutorial is individually structured to address topics in representational painting according to the current goals of the student.

For those who have no previous instruction, the initial instruction consists of a review of important principals of paintings and a step-by-step demonstration of one organized approach to executing a painting.

It is recommended that individual sessions be scheduled no more than once a month.  This allows time for incorporation of new learning into a habit.  Each tutorial day is $150.  For beginning students, some supplies and equipment can be provided.  Lists of materials and equipment for ink/watercolor or oil painting are available on request.

For further information, or to arrange an appointment for an individual tutorial, email Virginia at, or by clicking on the ‘Send me Painting Stories’ button to the upper right.